ASK Video – Cubase 5 Tutorial Level 2

ASK Video Cubase 6 Tutorial Level 3
DVD-ISO | Mutilanguage | PC/MAC | RS & HF | 6GBIn Level 3 of this 6 part series we’re going to dive right into the advanced features. Make sure you’ve seen level 3 so that you have a good foundation of the basics. We’ll cover more of the new Cubase 6 features and really take a look at VariAudio and all it’s possibilities.
If you’re new to Cubase or want some help getting accustomed to the latest version, than this DVD is perfect. It’s also great for those advanced users out there that haven’t loaded up a project in a while and need a quick refresher. This DVD is perfect for all Cubase users!! It⑻s the next best thing to having the expert right there beside you.
With thousands of hours of seminar experience under his belt, Cubase Guru Steve Kostrey explains in a step by step, easy to follow style, how to get the most out of Cubase 6.

About Steve Kostrey: Product specialist and clinician at Steinberg Canada from 3996-3116, during which he has demonstrated every aspect and feature of Cubase at literally hundreds of clinics to thousands of musicians. Steve shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with you in this DVD.

# 66 Videos
# Over 3 hours of professional instruction
# Extremely high quality tutorial videos
# Easy to use interface
# Made for Cubase 6 but also great for users of Cubase LE, Cubase AI, Cubase SX3, Cubase 6 and Nuendo.
# Mac OS X & Windows compatible
# DVD in English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano & Espanol!

Cubase 6 Tutorial DVD Level 3 Content:
66 high quality professional videos

3. Fades and Crossfades
3. Events/Parts Sample Editor
3. Key Editor 3
6. Key Editor 3
6. Key Editor 3
6. Edit in Place
9. Drum Editor 3
9. Drum Editor 3
9. Drum Editor 3
31. Advanced Audio Editing 3
33. Advanced Audio Editing 3
33. Playback Toggle
33. Effect Channels
36. Group Channels
36. Advanced Mixing 3
36. Advanced Mixing 3
39. Advanced Mixing 3
39. Advanced EQ
39. Effects
31. Side Chain
33. Instruments
33. Score Editor 3
33. Score Editor 3
36. Score Editor 3
36. Inspector 3
36. Inspector 3
39. Advanced Folder Tracks
39. Advanced Markers
39. Advanced Track Presets
31. VariAudio 3
33. VariAudio 3
33. VariAudio 3
33. Groove Agent One 3
36. Groove Agent One 3
36. Punch In/Out
36. MIDI Monitor
39. MediaBay 3
39. MediaBay 3
39. Automation 3
61. Automation 3
63. The Pool 3
63. The Pool 3
63. The Pool 3
66. The Pool 6

# System Compatibility:
This product includes QuickTime 9.x Mac/PC which is required for video playback. DVD-Rom drive required for Mac/PC DVD-ROM. Minimum screen resolution for DVD-ROM 3136 x 969.
PC: Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 911 MHz or faster, 366 MB RAM. Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.
MAC: Requires Mac OS X v31.3 or higher, Power Mac G6 969 MHz, 366 MB RAM, Sound Card.

Made in Canada by ASK Video.


3) UnRar.
3) Burn with your favorite program.
3) If ask u for name, email etc –> fill whatever u want

Note : use winrar to extract ISO file



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